We are an Elite Mech Mercenary serious diplomatic multi-global-cell of people who make a difference in the world!!!


We will be offering social media as well as a missions forum to get things done on earth so please offer money for a missions as well...

Our Story

In the beginning their was a retarded world of useless tyrannical fuckfaces, and defective cowards who spawned some hero mercenary mech freaks to save Earth...

Meet the Team

We will get some more people devoted to things soon...


Ava Hall

Founder & CEO

Supreme General

Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.


Open Slot

Vice President

  • We want to fit Each Countries Generals, and ranks, and bios here...

Special Credit

  • People who need credit for their work!!!
  • We will be giveing much props to people soon!!!

Next Steps...

Now We must save The Earth!!!